Medical range – 16 – 22 – 33 – 50 – 66 kg

G FACTOR = 360 ÷ 448
• Microprocessor “Touch control” with display.
• 26 pre-set programs.
• “WASH CONTROL” management software included.
• 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay.
• 5 standard programs and possibility to make 25 new programs, selecting all
the characteristics: temperature, time, wash cycles.
• Display to control the cycles and phases.
• Electronic thermostat.
• Load and discharge doors.
• Drum divided into two compartments in LMED-66 model.
• Detergent deposit with 4 compartments: pre-wash, wash, bleachers and
• Safety switch for door opening.
• Motor with frequency variator incorporated.
• Electrical connection: 400 V – 3+N.
Machines need to be fixed to the floor.



Hygiene guaranteed.
Maximum efficiency and disinfection.
The strict sanitary rules (RABC – EN-14065 norm), require powerful machines with special washing processes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, penitentiary centers, aso.

The FAGOR INDUSTRIAL barrier washers range is very wide and outstands for its rubustness, high spinning speed and easy installation: With capacities from 16 to 100 kg, they are perfect to adapt to the needs of this very specific and demanding market.
Installed between two separate areas, avoids all contact between dirty (infectious) linen and the clean linen, and any type of re-contamination during the process. At the same time its ergonomic design allows to work in an efficient way, which increases production in a high percentage.
Two ranges available: LMED (16 to 66 kg) and LBS version 100 kg.
Their new Touch Plus Control, with touch screen and technically advanced features, is now the same microprocessor as in the front-loading washers range.


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